Best Semi & Fully Automatic Turntables in 2020: Reviews

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All of us know about turntables. It is a phonographic platform and it plays sound as it rotates. It has been in existence for a really long time and is still there.

This has a very rich sound and it works perfectly well. It is flat and round and the record can very easily be placed on it. There are now many types of turntables and it is developing as technology develops.

There are manual, semi-automatic and automatic turntables and you can choose what you need.

Comparison of Semi Automatic Turntables

Semi Automatic TurntablesOur RatingsCurrent Price
Denon DP-400 Semi-Automatic Turntable9.8/10Check Price
Thorens TD 295 Semi-Automatic Turntable9.6/10Check Price
Thorens TD 295 MK IV9.4/10Check Price
Thorens TD 235 Semi Automatic Turntable9.2/10Check Price

Now, we know that, 4 best Semi & Fully Automatic Turntables in 2020 are:

  1. Denon DP-400 Semi-Automatic Turntable
  2. Thorens TD 295 Semi-Automatic Turntable
  3. Thorens TD 295 MK IV
  4. Thorens TD 235 Semi Automatic Turntable

Comparison of Fully Automatic Turntables

Fully Automatic TurntablesOur RatingsCurrent Price
Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK Turntable9.8Check Price
Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Turntable9.7Check Price
Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable9.4Check Price
Denon DP-300F Automatic Turntable9.2Check Price

What does automatic turntable mean?

The most important parts of the turntable are the base and the arm. These are the parts making the turntable work properly. The base is made of any material and is responsible for holding the motor.

This is done by belt or wheel or even by direct drive. It is made in a variety of shapes. The arm is where there is complex technology stored. It is flexible and is to be maintained properly.

It is operated by placing the turn arm on the grooves, making sure the needle is in perfect position with the grooves. When the needle is placed in the groves, the record starts and when it is put back in the original position, the record stops and turns off.

There are 2 types of automatic turntables, the semi-automatic and the fully automatic. The main thing to do is to place the needle on the grooves and take it back. In case of a semi-automatic turntable, the user has to cue the needle on the grooves to begin the record but the tonearm gets back to position once it is done playing.

In case of a fully automatic, you need to just push the button or the lever to start and the arm comes back to position when it is over.

Manual Vs. Automatic turntables

automatic turntables in 2020

Manual turntables are the ones in which you manually move the turn arm and place it in a perfect position such that the needle is touching the grooves properly. The automatic is very easy to use. All you need to do is press a button, wait for the turn arm to get in position with the grooves and sit and enjoy the recording.

Even after the end in a manual turntable, the user has to take the turn arm and put it in the initial position. In case of an automatic, it gets back to the position once the recording is over. Basically, if you buy an automatic turntable, you have no work other than just pushing the button. You need not to worry about turning off the turntable as it will automatically do the job.

The manual turntable has a cueing lever. This is to assist the person using the manual turntables. The cueing lever helps the user to raise and lower the stylus or the needle. This makes it easier and gentle. The needle will very gently get placed on the disc or the groove. A manual turntable will give you a wide range of options compared to the automatic and the semi-automatic.

Best Automatic Turntables in 2020

best fully automatic turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Stereo

This is a very good turntable and has perfect specifications. This has 2 different speeds to play the recording. The speeds are 33.33 RPM and 45 RPM. You can hence play the music at the speed you want it. It weighs around 21.1 pounds and the sound is perfect and very clear. It has a very good instrument separation.

It has very good connectivity options. This is to make sure your sound has a very high quality. It is also possible to connect the turntable with the help of the stereo cables or anything you want to. This can be connected to various audio systems. This also has a lot of good customer reviews and ratings.


  • It has a diamond stylus and it can be replaced very easily at any time. In case of any problems, you can very easily replace it.
  • It is very easy to operate. All you need to do is, place the record on it and it will just start playing. Also, remember to select the speed.
  • The cartridges used are of very high quality.
  • It has very less vibration. This is the main reason for it to operate properly.
  • The turntable has a transparent cover and hence the turntable is protected and it is very easy to clean the top.
  • It comes with the cable and the other necessary accessories.


  • The speed is not very consistent. It can be quite a problem.
  • It is connected by Bluetooth but the connection is not very seamless. This can be a little problem.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60BK-BT

AT-LP60BK BT is one of the best automatic turntables and it can connect to Bluetooth too. This is a belt–drive stereo. This also has 2 speeds and this makes it a very good choice. This can very easily deliver heavy-duty precision. It has a DC controlled motor and is very safe to use.

This weighs about 24.3 pounds. This has a perfect start, stop and a lever to toggle between the 7-inch record and the 10-inch record. It has a very modern design and is a good choice for many people, especially for youngsters. It has a very good and hi-fi system. Customers who have used it seem to love this automatic turntable.


  • It is very easy to use and you need not be a big professional to set this up. This is very easy to operate and handle.
  • It has a diamond stylus.
  • The AT- LP60BK- BT has a very good sound quality and it works very well. The sound from this automatic turntable is very clear and crisp. It is very good to listen to it and it gives the real feel of the sound.
  • It has very good performance.
  • It is not very expensive for all the specs and the advantages it has.
  • This automatic turntable also has a very good vibration resistance.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity on this equipment is perfect. It is very easy to connect the device to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.
  • It is very small and is very compact.


  • It does not have very good sound refinement.
  • It is said that it is made using very cheap material but it is still proper.
  • It easily wears over time.

Denon DP-300F

If you are looking for a perfect automatic turntable, this is one of the best choices you can make. It weighs 12.1 pounds. It runs by a belt drive system and is hence perfect. The DP-300F is made of aluminium and hence, it can produce a perfect uniform rotation. It has a very smooth operation and is very good to listen to high-quality music.

This has a heavier base to make sure there is less vibration. You can also lift the turn arm of the device manually and place it where you want. There are no chances of damage to any part as it is very gentle. It is also scratch proof.


  • It is very easy to use a turntable and it is very easy to operate it too.
  • This equipment looks perfect and very compact. It looks very attractive.
  • The DP-300F has an in-built preamplifier. With this in the system, it is very easy to connect it directly to the computer or any other device you need to.
  • This is comparatively cheap and it has very good features.
  • The stylus is perfect and the mechanism is made to check if it is not damaged in any way.
  • It has an in-built phono equalizer. This gives a better effect to this automatic turntable.
  • It is very easy to set up or install. It takes very little time.
  • The sound is very pure and crisp.


  • The cartridge is not of very good quality. This can affect the sound quality.
  • There are issues with the consistencies of the playback speed.
  • It is not very long-lasting.

Who Should Buy Automatic Turntable?

There are a lot of people who love music and listening to recordings. It is very important for them to have the best possible automatic turntable. It is perfect for people who want to listen to the recordings without getting out of their place. They can just click the button and go relax as the music is played.

This usually produces clear and crisp music. It is also not very expensive and so people with a small budget can also buy an automatic turntable.

best semi automatic turntable

Final words

There are a number of such automatic turntables available. It is not very easy to find the one that is perfect for you. Just make the list and check for the available turntables’ specs before you plan on getting it. Check the customer review and set a proper budget.

Read through the advantages, disadvantages, durability and so on. Different turntables have different features and so it is very important to make sure you get what you need.

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