7 Best Cajon Drum Box Reviews: The Ultimate Buying Guide (2018)

If you want to buy a cajon drum box, then it can be a very confusing discussion for you.

For buying the best cajon drum which is affordable as well as of good quality, then this is the article that you should read.

Here, in the below, I’ve shared reviews of some of the most popular and top-rated cajon drums for beginners and for those who love playing it.

So, before reaching to the cajon drum box revies, let’s find out what are the important things that you should consider before buying a good sounding cajon.

Things to consider before buying a Cajon Drum

How to buy the best cajon drum

  • Sound: There have been many Cajons developed and made during the recent times. Based on the sound they generate they can be classified into various categories. Choosing a Cajon completely depends on the needs of an individual. Various sounds can be produced by the Cajon such as deep bass tones, high tones etc. So, you should buy the product which will make the perfect sound according to your needs.
  • Material: Another important factor on which you can buy Cajon is the construction of the Cajon i.e. of which material it is made up of. The Cajon should be made of wood that is stiff hard and durable. The front plate of the Cajon where you hit should also be made of good quality wood as it will help in determining the sound the Cajon can make. If you are looking for a deeper bass sound, you should choose the Cajons which are made of hardwood.

However, if you want to use it at your home, it doesn’t mean that you buy a cheap quality product. You should make sure to invest in a Cajon which is nicely constructed.

  • Portability: If you want to use your Cajon frequently, you should make sure that you purchase the one that will serve the purpose of easy carrying and transport.
  • Purpose: If you require it to play professionally, you should go with a better Cajon with the best quality available.
  • Quality: You should make sure to buy the best quality which is available in your budget. The best quality material will help you in getting the perfect sounds out of the wood which you require.
  • Budget: The product you should buy should be of the best quality within your budget.

So, you should consider buying a good quality material which should provide you with good quality and fits in your pocket.

Best Cajon Drums Reviews

Best Cajon Drum

  1. Pyle Stringed Jam Wooden Cajon

Pyle stringed Jam Wooden Cajon is a perfect musical instrument which you can buy in order to bring some music into your life.

It is an amazing handcrafted wood panel box frame which is built in traditional and classic instrument style.

This instrument is engineered extremely beautifully and delicately. This allows the musicians to express them freely with ease. It also features internal guitar strings which will provide a smooth rhythmic sound production which will provide you with the perfect musical experience. The sound produced will give you a soothing effect in order to create the best musical experience.

This Cajon is compact and lightweight and comes in a compact size (LxWxH): 12.0”x12.0”x 18.0” and weighs around 10.9 lbs. This is a really lightweight Cajon and is easy to carry unlike other heavy and bulky brands of stringed Jam Cajon. This will allow you to easily carry the Cajon when and wherever required. The lightweight material will allow you to perfectly and easily move this Cajon from one place to another.

The Cajon also features a rubber capped feet which will help in creating a buffer and will reduce the vibrations which may alter the music. This will help you in altering the music whenever you require.

This product can easily be used by people of any age and is completely safe for the usage of children or adults who prefer to buy this product. So you can choose this product without having no age restrictions with no extra worries.

This product can be your perfect choice as it is made with the best quality material which will produce traditional or classical music.

  1. A Tempo Percussion Dos Voces (Two Voices) Cajon

The Sol Percussion Dos Voces Cajon gets its name (Two Voices) from the two playing surfaces of the Cajon.

One side is a traditional Peruvian Cajon which has no internal mechanisms while on the other side it includes snare wires and it becomes a Flamenco Cajon. This will provide the musician with two different surfaces on which the Cajon can be played.

The sound port is put on the side and not in the rear. This will allow you to easily and simply flip the Cajon around if you want a different style. It can be considered as this Cajon consists of two instruments in one. Thus, allowing you to get two sounds from one Cajon itself.

This is an attractive instrument which also contains and features a dovetailed mohena body, while both front plates are made from multi-ply Spanish Cedar and Lupuna.

There is also a free gig bag included in order to protect and haul around your Cajon with ease without compromising with the protection. This means you can easily carry your Cajon around without any worries.

As this Cajon is perfectly built and can produce two sounds, this product is slightly expensive.

If you want the best quality product which can give you two different sounds, you can buy this Cajon with a slightly higher cost without any compromise in the quality.

3. Meinl Percussion Baltic Birch Wood Compact Snare Cajon

Meinl Percussion Baltic Birch Wood compact snare Cajon is the perfect Cajon which can be used for the jam sessions and various acoustic shows.

The Meinl compact jam Cajon is one of the perfect grab percussion instrument for spontaneous jam sessions, singers or the songwriter’s circle and supporting the acoustic bands in small intimate settings.

This Cajon measures about 10.25” wide x 15” tall x 10.25” deep. This will provide the Cajon to be lightweight and the Cajon can easily be carried from one place to another with ease.

This product is entirely made from Birch Wood and is equipped with internal fixed snares wires.

The Meinl Jam Cajon also helps in dishing out the cutting of the snare slaps, deep and punchy bass hits and responsive finger rolls.

Good and great sound can easily be achieved from this Cajon for anyone who is interested in rhythm, regardless of the skill level. This means even a person who is new to Cajon can play this and achieve a rhythm.

The front plate which is on the top corners the plating surface might be adjusted with a quick and easy turn of a screwdriver which can help in altering the distance between the front plate and the resonating body. Thus, allowing an adjustable playing surface for the Cajon.

This Cajon will provide you with a rear sound port which is cut into the back of the birch which will resonate the body to allow air to escape from the Cajon while you play it. It carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty if you buy this product from an authorized retailer.

This product is made from a good quality material which will help you in producing the best sound out of the wood.

You can buy this product as it can be the perfect grab for various people who are associated with music. You will also get 2 years manufacturer’s warranty if you buy this product from the authorized dealer.

This product thus provides you with the best and the perfect quality material for different shows with 2 years warranty.

  1. Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon

Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon is a wooden Cajon Percussion box. This jam Cajon is a super compact wooden panel box frame which is handcrafted. It is designed in such a way that this product can easily be carried to the musical circles, Jam sessions and various other musicians sessions.

It is an ideal instrument for the singers or the songwriters who want to try new beats. You can thus try various new beats on this Cajon.

This Cajon is perfectly engineered stringed jam Cajon which will feature internal guitar strings. These strings are present to deliver the pleasant rhythmic sound protection which can be a great pleasure to the audience present. This will provide you with the rhythmic sound protection.

This provides in anti-vibration interference as this Cajon also features a rubber-capped foot which will help in preventing of any possibility of the vibration interference. This will also encourage original clear acoustic sound production.

It can be musical fun for all the different ages. This product is a fun-packed musical instrument which can be used by people of different age from young to adult. This product can provide a great usage. This product can easily be used by children without any worries and be a great deal.

This can also be comfortable for various musical circles and different jam sessions as well as for the supporting acoustic bands.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

You can purchase this product with an absolute confidence in order to fulfill your satisfaction.

5. Meinl Percussion Jumbo Bass Walnut Subwoofer Cajon

Meinl Percussion Jumbo Bass Walnut Subwoofer Cajon is Meinl’s biggest and Bassist Cojon. This product comes with a low-end punch.

The Meinl Jumbo Subwoofer Cajon is huge in size and sound as well. The extra wide and extra deep body will allow you for a superb low note development. The measurements of this Jumbo Subwoofer are 13.5” wide x 19 3/4” tall x 13 3/4” deep. This Cajon is thus heavy in carrying from one place to another.

It has an internal reflex channel which will help in directing the sound out through the forward facing ports which will help you to create a sound that will feel like a kick drum.

The forward ports have been replaced with the traditional rear facing style which has helped in developing and preparing the player in order to provide a warm mix of bass tones with forward facing sound ports with an internal bass reflex.

The internally fixed snares will help in adding the dimension of a crisp snare drum and will also be great for providing you with cutting tones when it is played with the top corners of the playing surface.

The top front plate corners can also be adjusted with a screwdriver from which you can alter the amount of the distance between the playing surface and Cajon body. This will result in more proper and enhanced slap tones that can help in delivering a deep backbeat.

It is also equipped with a walnut front plate; this Cajon is extremely and extra sensitive to soft finger rolls which will give you with a wider range of changes to play with. The solid MDF body with thick rubber feet resonates fully and will also provide a strong and steady structure for the instrument.

This Cajon of Meinl carries two-year manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase them from authorized retailers.

This product is rather a heavy Cajon which is huge in size and sound as well. So you can buy this Cajon if you require a Cajon which produces heavy sounds.

6. Meinl Percussion Full Size Hardwood String Cajon

Meinl Percussion Full-size Hardwood String Cajon supports any style of music whether it is live or in a studio. The bass and snare drum sounds can easily be set.

The Meinl Headliner Series Hardwood String Cajon measures 11 3.4” wide x 12” deep x 18” tall.

The playing surface has two different zones for various bass and snare sounds.

The playing of the Cajon towards the center of the Cajon will create a deep bass which will strike the top corners and provide you with a crisp slap tone which will sound like a snare drum.

The Cajon has a hardwood body. The solid hardwood which consists of thick rubber feet will provide excellent tonal qualities that will broaden your bass notes and will focus on your rolls and corner will help you in having beats which are of next level.

The deep and punchy front plate will provide you with rich sound development. This will provide the help you with a durable playing surface.

It has adjustable metal strings span in opposition to the inside of the playing surface which will add a snare sound and are turned from the bottom of the Cajon. It also includes Hex key inside.

If you want to alter the amount of “slap” sound from corner hits, the screws are located closest to the top corners can be loosed or tightened to vary the amount of the gap between the playing surface and the body of the Cajon.

It has a rear sound port which can be cut into the back of the resonating body which will allow the air to escape from the Cajon when you play it. This will result in enhanced tonal qualities and proper overall feel. This can be an ideal spot to place a microphone when amplification is needed.

You can buy this product to get a proper feel for the music in the life or in the studio sessions. You can get this quality product for your various jamming sessions, it will also provide you with good and extra quality sound.

7. Schlagwerk CP408 2inOne Series Cajon

Schlagwerk  CP408 2in One series Cajon has marked a new milestone in terms of value for money. It is a 2 in one Cajon which will provide you with the best quality within the perfect price range.

This Cajon has a dark oak Veneer Front plate.

The body is constructed of 8 Ply’s of birch.

This product comes with 2 in One- Techniques which will provide you with 40 Snares. The snares inside the Cajon will help in pressing against the playing surface at a precise and exact defined angle. Snares can be removed from the 2inOne Cajon in one quick movement.

This product will allow you to play 2 sounds from one Cajon. This technology has been proven one of the best technologies which are combined with an extremely elegant Dark Oak playing surface.

This product comes with a highly attractive package at an unbeatable price.

How to get started and play Cajon

Playing a Cajon Drum Box

There are various and different kinds of videos which will help you in learning Cajons. But, you will always be in a doubt before starting to play of the Cajons.  Here are the most relevant things you should take a look out before starting to play a Cajon.

  1. Find the perfect Cajon

You should buy the perfect Cajon according to your needs and requirements. You should get the best material at the perfect price. The quality of the wood should be of the best material in order to provide you with the best sound.

  1. Find a teacher

When I’m talking about to hire a teacher, I’m not talking about the YouTube video lessons. You should hire a perfect teacher which is trained in playing Cajon and can help you in learning the perfect skills which are required.

  1. Posture

With nature and the way the Cajon is played, it is of the utmost importance that you should sit right without straining yourself. Make sure you are sitting with your back straight most of the times and not hunched over but relaxed.

  1. Stretch

Stretching is really important. If you don’t stretch there is a very good chance that you will do yourself an injury and that will be a major setback to you.

  1. Tones

The main two tones are the bass tone and slap tone. You should focus constantly on preparing and finding the basic tones.

  1. Use a metronome

If you practice with a metronome it will greatly improve your accuracy in timing and speed.  This will also annoy the hell out of you at the starting with the mind-numbing click but as you move on you will love it as you will be able to throw all kinds of timings off and all over click of the metronome.

  1. Create a practice schedule

You will grow greatly if you will work on the same things every day to make it sure that you will repeat the same exercises daily. Do your stretches and warm-ups then take time on each of the things you are working on. Once you feel comfortable in on the practiced techniques, you can choose to move on and go with new ones.

  1. Develop your speed

It is really tempting to try to push the speed envelope as early as possible. Take your time to develop your speed in a well and measured way. You should notch up your metronome only when you feel that you can go on forever playing in what you are playing. You should also make sure to notch up the speed gradually maybe 5BPM at a time. This will make sure that your success is ensured to become a fast Cajon player.

  1. Discover new styles

You can discover your own styles of playing the Cajon in different ways.

  1. Get out there

One of the most important ways to continue your musicianship is to play with others. You will learn a lot more and faster when you can bounce the ideas off others and get a different feel for playing. There can be various musicians group present in your town where you can join and learn. It is a great way to have a lot of fun and learn something new in the playful ways.

Final Words

A Cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument. You should consider the material of the wood used in order to get the best sound from the Cajon.

The Cajon should be made from the perfect quality wood in order to provide the best material which will also create a perfect sound.

A Cajon should provide you with the perfect quality within your price range.

You should not buy a low-quality wood material as you won’t be able to get the perfect sound.

If you want to move your Cajon from one place to another, you should buy a lightweight Cajon.

It can be said that you should buy the perfect material in the perfect price range which will be according to your requirements.

You should thus get a Cajon which will provide you with the most benefits out of all.