6 Best Cajon Drums for Beginners in 2017-2018

Cajons are ruling the music industry since the recent years and are one of the best instruments to produce different kinds of beats. Due to its simple design, ease of transportation and versatility these drums are loved by percussionists all around the world.

There have been many different versions and types of cajons ever since they were discovered and a lot many changes have been made in the past few decades, with new and modified cajons stealing the hearts of the players.

Best Cajon for Beginners

However, if you are a beginner, it might be tricky to find the perfect cajon for your needs and with so many options out there to choose from, it can become quite confusing too. Here are some of the best Cajon drums for beginners that you choose from based on your needs.

Best Cajon for Beginners

  1. Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT

If you are looking for a budget-friendly as well as a beginner Cajon, this might interest you. It generates great sounds and is durable and simple in design. It comes with internal and top corner strings that are adjustable so you can adjust the length according to the type of sound you want.

The mic is placed in the rear port in the instrument. The playing surface and the body of this Cajon are made up of rubbery wood that lasts very long and makes it durable.

The tone produced by the woody surface of this drum is amazing and with full bass. Also, the drum comes with a warranty of 2 years so you need not worry about damage at all.

  1. Sella Snare Cajon

The Sella Snare Cajon is one of the best cajons for beginners on the market. It features a snare system that is removable which means that you get 2 types of cajons in 1, the first one being Afro Peruvian Cajon and the second one being the snare Cajon.

This feature of the instrument makes it produce incredible sounds with a clear separation of the tones. Also, for achieving the sounds like the Flamenco cajons, the Sella Snare Cajon allows you to stack up a snare additionally on top of the snares already existing.

The body is made up of birch wood which enables the provision of a variety of tones. For a beginner, this will be the best if you are looking for so many features in just one drum.

  1. Sawtooth ST-CJ120B

This is yet another budget-friendly Cajon if you are one who doesn’t want to spend much being a newbie. It consists of snares instead of the strings which will provide many different features to the user.

The construction of this drum is quite simple and durable and hence proves to be user-friendly. The body is made of birch wood to produce snappy and bassy tones. The snare cajons are adjustable so you can adjust them according to the type of sounds you want to produce.

Also, the rubber feet and the playing surface of the drum are adjustable so you can achieve even more variations in the sound. The bonus features that you get along with the instrument are the carrying bag and the padded seat.

  1. Sela Varios Cajon

This drum is a good buy if your budget is slightly higher than the rest of the beginner Cajon drums. This provides full bass and snare tones for you to achieve the perfect flamenco, Latin and rock styles. Also, the separation of these sounds is amazing for you to obtain clear and differentiated variations of the beats.

The clap corners of the instrument can be adjusted to get the extra snap sounds. Birchwood of high quality is used to make the body of this instrument and the corners of it are made to be round to get that extra comfort. Also, the front plate is made up of birch but is strong and thin so you can achieve the tones of your choice.

The design of this Cajon along with the glossy varnish is just incredible and eye-catching. If you are looking for a high quality and middle budget Cajon, you can look forward to this option.

  1. Meinl Percussion HCAJ1AWA

This Cajon is amongst the best budget-friendly cajons for the beginners. The playing surface of white ash and the MDF body will provide you with rich and high-quality tones. Also, the white ash will provide you with a spectrum of full bass along with the snare slaps.

The top corners and the string of this Cajon are adjustable so that you can achieve the desired tones and beats of your choice. Also, the rubber feet and the corners of this Cajon are adjustable. This instrument comes in a 2 color variation that you can choose from according to your choice.

The 2 years warranty of this Cajon drum will assure you of any damages and won’t stop you from purchasing it.

  1. Cirrus Cajon by X8

This Cajon proves to be an amazing choice for newcomers who are looking for various settings and styles. The body of this Cajon is made up of Asian oak and the front plate is made up of Sungkai wood.

This makes the instrument lightweight but yet strong. The inside of the face plate consists of guitar strings that are specially designed which run vertically to the plate. This feature enables the user to get the flamenco-styled sounds from the instrument.

Also, for an increased bass sound, the instrument comes with a diffuser plate. It a great choice if you are looking for more features in a Cajon.

Final Words

Choosing the right kind of Cajon especially for a beginner is definitely a tough job. There are so many factors that one needs to keep in mind before selecting a Cajon such as tone, construction, style, and type.

When you are aware of what you need or what kind of sounds are you looking for, it becomes simpler to choose.

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