Best Cajon Brands: Popular Cajon Brands in 2020

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Cajons are not as popular as guitars and pianos, but they have a key position in the music industry.

From the past few decades, cajons are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to play, and you can use them for a wide variety of music types.

You can play a Cajon in a romantic song, inspirational song, or even you can play worship music with Cajon.

But, if you are not very much familiar with it, then it can be difficult to buy a cajon drum because there are many versions and along with various popular cajon brands that manufacture this musical instrument.

However, if you like to purchase a specific cajon under a budget of 100 or 200 dollars, then this article can be very helpful for you.

But, before purchasing any cajon, it’s important to know about some of the best cajon brands on the market so that you can decide which one is better for you.

Best Brands of Cajon

5 Best Cajon Brands


This brand of cajons evolves from Germany and has a very reputed name and fame when it comes to cajons. Many professional percussionists across the globe prefer playing cajons from this brand as they make high-quality cajons.

They have been into making the Cajon drums for more than 3 decades and have an expertise in whatever instrument they make. It is their experience in making these drums that say a lot about how good their drums would be.

The sounds that their cajons produce are distinct and unmatched. Their key to success in producing these high end sounds includes the use of Cajon strings that are specially designed which can be adjustable to the tuning pegs of the instrument that are situated on the base.

One of their professional and most loved models of cajons includes the CP4022. It is made up of alder wood which is so durable that it can withstand gigging. Also, the front plate of the drum box has a skin wood so soft that you will enjoy playing it.

The bass is resonant and the snare is snappy, which makes this one of the best brands for cajons for any type of music.

Toca Colorsound

If you are a beginner or someone who is looking for a mid-ranged Cajon, this brand would be perfect for you. This company has a specialization in making Cajon drums that are Afro Cuban and produce excellent and distinct sounds without you having to pay high.

Unlike the other high priced cajons, Toca offers the Cajon drums at reasonable rates and with a superior quality just like the costly ones. These instruments are designed in such a way that that the comfort of the percussionist is kept in mind at first.

Also, the design of the cajons is such that it is slightly larger than the usual cajons and consists of a padded seat on top for the player to sit on. The snares in the box can be adjusted according to the desired sound. The large size of the box provides additional benefits of the bass being more resonant and having more depth.

The cajons from this brand are just perfect for the street players and buskers as they provide immense comfort and are not costly.

CaSela Satin

Another famous and leading name in the Cajon industry is Sela. This company is known for making cajons with innovative and unique designs that consist of features like snare system that is removable and making great improvements in the mechanism of the snare on/off.

They keep updating their technologies in their cajons for the players to have their best ever experience while playing and to provide the maximum clarity of sounds. Also, the sounds produced by their cajons are very well differentiated from each other.

The feature of removable snares makes it possible for the percussionist to play in both modern as well as traditional styles. The player has so much control over the sounds that he wants to produce as the snares can be adjusted and the construction of the body of the instrument makes it more resonant and durable.

This is, therefore, one of the best brands on the market for cajons that you can look forward to.

Meinl Percussion 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Cajon for beginners but don’t want to compromise on the quality, the drum boxes of the brand Meinl can be your best friends. They have a huge collection of cajons under 200$ which provide the same quality of the sound as the ones with double the price.

The cajons of this brand have a system of string mute, which is patented and is used to control the string tension to provide differentiated and high-quality high tones. You can definitely check this brand if you don’t intend to invest more in your initial purchases.

However, the higher the durability and quality of the sounds make the company to slightly increase the cost of their instruments. But they still remain cheaper than the other high-cost drum boxes. The cajons by this company are worth every penny spent.

Fat Congas

Fat Congas is a renowned company for making amazing cajons that are characterized by the use of guitar string inside the box of the instrument. The string Cajon drums produced by this company provide excellent tones that make the player fall in love with the instrument.

The player has an excess of playing it from 2 sides, which makes it look like there are 2 cajons in one. One side of the instrument facilitates the snare sound, while the other produces the massive bass.

Both the tones produced sound clearly different from one another and enhance the beauty of the drum box through their excellent tonal properties. The cajons from this brand are not very cheap but they are definitely worth the money spent.

Cajon brands

Final Words

Before looking into the brands of the cajons it is essential to know your needs and what type of Cajon do you wish to purchase.

Also, there are many factors to be kept in mind before purchasing such as the construction, types of Cajon, type of sounds it produces, etc.

Keeping in mind all the considerations you can look forward to the various Cajon brands and select the one that suits you.

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