Best Cajon Under $100: Cheap & Budget Cajons in 2020

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If you are on a tight budget, then you must be looking for the best cajon under $100.

There are some Cajons that are available under 100 dollars.

They may not be of the top-of-the-line drums, but they will produce some good sounds.

The advantage of Cajons over other drums is that you can easily transport it from one place to another if you wish, and they also produce some high-quality sounds without breaking the budget.

Below, we’ve shared 6 Cajons that you can purchase by spending less than $100.

So, let’s get started.

Comparison of Cheap Cajon Drum Boxes

Cajon DrumsOur RatingsCurrent Price
Pyle String Cajon9.8/10Check Price
Meinl Cajon Box Drum9.8/10Check Price
Sawtooth Harmony Series Cajon9.7/10Check Price
GECKO Wooden Cajon9.6/10Check Price
AKLOT Cajon Box Drum9.6/10Check Price
EastRock Cajon9.5/10Check Price
Pyle Jam Wooden Cajon Percussion Box9.4/10Check Price
Joy Standard Series Cajon9.3/10Check Price
Sawtooth ST-CJ120B Cajon9/10Check Price

The 5 best Cajon Under $100 in 2020 are:

  1. Pyle String Cajon
  2. Meinl Cajon Box Drum
  3. Sawtooth Harmony Series Cajon
  4. GECKO Wooden Cajon
  5. AKLOT Cajon Box Drum

Our Personal Recommendation

If we have to recommend one Cajon drum which costs less than $100, then it is the Meinl Cajon Box Drum.

It is one of the most popular Cajons that you can find on the market.

With superb quality construction and sound production, you’ll also get a 2 Year Warranty.

This is totally worth the price you’ll pay.

Best Cajon Under $100

best cajon for beginners

Sawtooth ST-CJ120B Cajon 

This Cajon by Sawtooth is one of the most preferred drums for the beginner. Not only is it good for those on a budget, but also is so fun to play that you might not want to put it down. It is made up of birch wood to make it more durable and long-lasting.

Also, birch wood enables you to produce different sounds when you hit the drum surface at various places. It consists of a snare wire system situated internally and the front plate.

Both can be adjusted according to the desired length to produce various sounds. Also, the rubber base feet of this drum is very durable, making it a solid product.

The padded seat cushion on top of the drum makes it comfortable for you to sit and play without any hassle. Last but not least, it is accompanied by a carry bag for you to carry it with you easily.

Check this demonstration video of Sawtooth Birch Cajon Drum.

JOY Junior Cajon with Birch Wood, large Rubber Feet for Protection

This is yet another Cajon made up of the birch wood. The inside of this drum box consists of steel strings that are fixed which allow you to produce deep bass tones. The richer tones produced by this drum makes it useful for any kind of music.

There are 4 steel rings internally, fixed in v-shape, to increase and maximize the buzz sounds when you play the slap tones. A hexagonal key is accompanied with the instrument to allow you to vary the length of the strings to produce the sounds of your choice.

Also, this Cajon consists rubber feet which are huge in size to provide immense stability to the instrument. This makes it possible and safe for even kids to play this drum.

best cajon for the money

The best thing about this drum is that it is lightweight and compact in size which makes the transportation easier.

Sawtooth ST-CJ121SL-KIT-1 Maple Back and Sides Ash Wood Cajon 

This is another Cajon from Sawtooth that you can look forward to for high quality and rich sounds. It is made up of maple and ash wood that produces warmer bass tones compared to other Cajons.

The front panel of the instrument is made up of ash wood while the rest of the drum is made up of maple. This drum box consists of snare strings internally that can be adjusted according to the length of your choice to generate various different sounds.

The front plate of the instrument is also adjustable to produce variations in the sounds. The feet of the drum is made up of rubber which increases the durability and longevity. The padded seat cushion at the top adds to the comfort of the player and makes it easier for him/her to play the Cajon.

You can surely check this Cajon out if you are one who likes to generate diversified sounds and create different styles.

Pyle String Cajon | Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Guitar Strings (PCJD15)

This is perfect for bringing a new life to your music. This is designed especially for the players who wish to express themselves and their unique styles. Internally, it is composed of the guitar strings that are adjustable for you to create variations in the sounds.

They can be tuned easily from the bottom part of the instrument. The sounds produced by this drum box are so rhythmic and smooth that you will fall in love with them. Also, unlike the other bulky Cajons, this is very lightweight which makes it easier to carry it with you.

The feet of this instrument are capped with rubber in order to prevent any type of interference or vibrations. The fun part of this drum box is that it can be used by people of all ages and can be used in any type of music.

Tycoon Supremo Series Cajon

This cajon drum is made up of hardwood which makes it more durable. The base tones produced by it are sharp, deep and loud and are also distinct from each other.

The inside of the drum box consists of a snare wire system which can be adjusted according to the sounds you want to generate. To ensure that you get the best quality of the sounds, this Cajon is handmade.

The feet of the instrument is made up of rubber which provides protection and increases durability. It comes with a carry bag as well to make sure that you can carry it easily.

This is one of the best Cajons for the beginners as it provides the best quality sounds at an affordable price.

Premium Cajon Box Drum

This is one of the multi-use cajons available in the market. You can use it in the jam sessions, in the concerts, in the studio, or even at home. The Cajon strings are situated internally inside the box which can be tuned easily to get your desired sound.

The design of this instrument is much compact than the usual Cajons, but it produces the same bass and snare tones as any other Cajon. It is made up of birch wood of the highest quality so that it can generate deeper tones.

It comes with a seat pad which is made up of silicone and is non-slippery to provide you with extra comfort while playing. This is yet another Cajon which can be used by people of any age group.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cajon Drum


best cajon under 100

There are many cajons that are available on the market that you can purchase. The sounds they produce, they can be classified into different categories. Before purchasing your 100$ cajon, you should exactly know your requirement which cajon do you need. The various sounds that a cajon can produce are like deep bass tones, high tones etc.


The type of material that is used in the construction of the cajon is also one of the important factors that should be considered. The high-quality cajon should be stiff hard and durable. The front plate of the cajon is the most important because it is the place where you hit and produce sound, so it should be made with good quality wood. The cajons made with hardwood are good for producing deeper bass sound, so if you like to produce deeper bass sound, the go with cajons that are made with hardwood.


Whatever cajon you purchase, whether it is of $100 or $200, it should be easy to carry, easy to handle, and it should be easy to transport from one place to another.


cajon drum box

You should know your purpose, why you are buying it. Like, if you want to buy it just for practicing the sounds in your house, then any good quality cajon will work for you. While, if you want to use it for the worship purposes, then go with the top rated cajon for worship music. And, if you want to play it professionally, then you should not look for the budget, go with the highest quality cajon that you can get.


When buying a cajon drum, then quality should be number one priority that you should look at. Even the best cajon under 100$ may not be of highest quality, but it can be something that you love playing that produces some good sound. You can buy a Cajon under 200$ for a really good quality sound as well as good material, and that cajon will be very durable.


good cajon

If you want to buy a cajon under 200 dollars, then probably you’re on a tight budget. In that case, go with the best cajon that you can buy under 100$. But, if you can spend a little more, then the possibility of getting good quality drum increases a lot.

Final Words

These were a few of the topmost cajons under $100 that you can check out based on your needs. All these Cajons are unique in their own way and of different types. These will also provide you the best quality of sound just like the more high-end costly versions.

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