Cajon vs. Djembe: Difference Between Cajon and Djembe

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Cajon and Djembe are both musical instruments. They will help you in creating various sounds.

They are both drums like an instrument and will also make the sounds similar to the drums.

What is Cajon?

Difference between Cajon & Djembe

The Cajon is an instrument which is box-shaped which is used and is really helpful in making music.

The Cajon is in shape of the box. This can easily be done by slapping the front and the rear view of the instrument.

You can use your hands and fingers to play the get music out of the instrument.

You can also use various implements to get the sound out of the instrument. The implements will include Sticks, Mallets, and Brushes.

The Cajon can produce drum-like sound and won’t also cover much space.

This will help you in easily getting an effective sound out of the instrument when required.

What is Djembe?

Djembe vs Cajon Drum Box

A djembe which is also known as jembe has a skin-covered with crop and is a goblet drum which can easily be played without any difficulty. You can easily get the sounds while playing it with bare hands.

This instrument basically belongs from West Africa.

The Djembe will provide you to gather in peace and will provide you with peace.

The body of this instrument is made from hardwood and has a drumhead which is made of untreated rawhide.

This instrument is made of goatskin.

The Djembes have an exterior diameter of 30-38 cm and have a height of 58-63 cm which doesn’t exclude rings.

The Djembes weigh about 5-13 kg. The size basically depends will depend on the size and the material which is used.

It can produce various quality sounds. This will make it a good and dynamic drum. This drum is very loud and can be one instrument which can be used when there is a large ensemble.

Difference between Cajon and Djembe

What is the difference between cajon and djembe

The Cajon and Djembe are two different musical instruments and have various differences.

Some of the main differences between Cajon and Djembe are discussed as follows:

  1. Material

The Djembe drum is made of clay, wood or metal. The head is made from animal skin. But, in today’s era, it is made of a thin plastic. This gives the solid smack like sound to the instrument.

The Cajon is made of wood and is stiff hard. The front plate of the Cajon should be of good quality. The hardwood will help you in getting deeper bass sounds.

  1. Price Difference

The Djembe can price from $34- $3100. You can choose the best according to the budget.

The Cajon can price you from $7-$1,582.

It can be simply said that Cajon is less priced as compared to Djembe. Even, you can find a good Cajon for a 200 dollar price.

  1. Shape

The djembe drum comes in 3 shapes.

  1. The shell is round and vertical with base ending in a swallow’s tail.
  2. The base end in a swallow’s tail and the drum shell is placed is funnel. This will have a large diameter.
  3. The base of the djembe is in the cylinder and is in narrow shape.

The Cajon is Box-shaped, but you can also find various types in Cajon.

  1. Sound

The djembe is a loud drum. The volume depends on the skin tension. A sound pressure of about 105dB can be achieved in order to the same value of a jackhammer.

The sound quality of the Cajon is lower in front of Djembe.  Some of the Cajon will give you large and warm bass tones which can dominate all the tones. There can be an uncontrollable snare buzz when you play the tones.

  1. Size

There are various sizes available in the Cajon. The Medium Dimensions of this are 11.75W X 18H X 12.25D. The Full dimension of the Cajon is 11.75W X 19.75H X 12.25D. The Jumbo Bass dimensions are 13.5W X 19.75H X 13.75 D.

The Standard Size of the Djembe is 12-13” X 24”.  This is the Standard size in which the Djembe is made and is available.

Final Words

In the above article, Meaning of Cajon and Djembe is discussed.

Also, various differences between these similar instruments are discussed. The difference between the material, price, size, shape, and sound is also written.

It can be said that Cajon and Djembe are not similar instruments and vary in various ways.

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