How to Clean Digital Piano Keys: A Step by Step Guide

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Digital piano usually needs less maintenance, unlike an acoustic piano. However, if you want to increase its longevity, maintenance is a must. You have to be really careful while handling this delicate instrument.

It does not require much but a little diligence in working with the piano can help prevent any damage to your prized possession.

Cleaning Digital Piano Keys

To keep your digital piano well maintained, you need to clean your digital piano keyboard every now and then. To do that you will need:

  • Lukewarm Water
  • A few drops of gentle dishwashing soap
  • Soft white pieces of white clothes

Steps of Cleaning:

How to clean piano keys
  1. Mix a few drops of gentle dishwashing soap in a small bowl of lukewarm water.
  2. Use a white cloth to clean the digital piano keyboard because the chemicals of a colored cloth might cause damage to the piano body or keys. Very slightly dampen one of the cloths with the mixture and slide and wipe the damp cloth gently over each key.
  3. Use the other cloth to remove the excess moisture that is left behind from the other cloth on the keyboard. Be sure to take it slow and give the cleaning some time to prevent any damage to the digital piano due to the presence of excess moisture.
  4. Use a Q-tip to clean the corners of the digital piano keyboard that the damp cloth could not reach. Just dip the Q-tip in a small bowl of gentle dishwashing soap mixed with the water solution to get it damp. Now carefully clean the corners so that the drops of water do not fall in between the keys.
  5. 5. You can also use a small unused soft brush to clean in between the areas where nothing reaches.

Once you have cleaned your piano, you need to keep it covered so that no dust particles enter and cause damage to the electrical components inside. Get a nice cover that fits the piano well and keeps it covered when not in use.

Touch your piano with clean hands.

This video is worth watching before starting the cleaning process.

Precautions while cleaning the Keys

A few simple rules to abide by when dealing with an electronic gadget can go a long way. To start with, turn the piano off before you plug or unplug it.

While cleaning keep in mind to plug it off.

Final Words

I have tried as much as possible to give a detailed information about a few dos and don’ts. Rest is on how well you do your homework for the proper maintenance of your piano.

A well-maintained piano can last for a long time and be your companion in your musical ode.

If you regularly clean your piano, then it can last for years whether it is a budget piano or an expensive one.

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