How to Play a Cajon to Produce Various Sounds: With Brushes & Sticks

Did you ever have a dream to become a percussionist or a drummer? Or rather, do you fascinate those who play those giant drums?

If you ever wanted to be one of them but couldn’t figure out a way or if you are the one who doesn’t want to spend so much on the drum kits, cajons will come to your rescue.

A Cajon is a box-like an instrument that plays a major role in the music world today. It is very easy to play plus it is quite affordable compared to the usual drum kits. Also, the added advantage of this instrument is that it produces way too similar sounds just like the drums.

It is portable too so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Who knows someone might need a drummer on the go and you might end up being one!

How to play a cajon

How to Play the Cajon

If you are not aware of how to play this beautiful instrument, you need not worry. You just need to keep a few things mind before purchasing and playing one. The Cajon comes in various sizes, and shapes and each one has its own unique and different sound. You can learn about the 5 different Cajon types in this article.

Before buying your first one, you can read this article that talks about 6 Cajon Drums for Beginners in 2018.

It consists of a hole in one side out of four which allows the sound to pass out. This side of the hole is always behind you when you sit on the drum box to play.

There are many sitting positions for playing this instrument but you have to choose the one that comforts you. If you choose to sit on the drum box, you will have the full advantage of making your own music and producing the best sounds.

However, you can also choose to straddle the box if you do not wish to sit on top of it. Make sure that you choose what is comfortable for you when you play. By opening your palm and hitting the faces of the instrument, you will be able to play it.

Depending on how you place your palm and where you place it in the box, you will be able to generate various different sounds. However, you can also play it by sitting on a chair and keeping the instrument in front of you. This will allow you the straddling of the box with your arms and upper body.

One of the advantages of playing the instrument in this manner is that it enables you the slapping of the heads and snares quickly without you having to reach your legs. Also, if you desire, you can sit on a chair and perform straddling on the box with your legs by bending them on sides over it.

Just keep in mind that whatever position you choose for playing the instrument, should be comfortable for you.

How to Generate Various Sounds

It is known that snare sound is obtained when you hit the drum box in the upper right and left corners with your fingers and then move your wrist. Bass is produced when you hit the middle portion of the instrument with your palms and then move your entire arm.

How to Play the Cajon with Brushes

If you want to generate a kick, hi-hat or a snare sound, you may consider playing the instrument with brushes. To produce the kick and snare sounds, all you have to do is hit the box hard with the stick portion of the brush. The brushes produce the hi-hat sound naturally when they are hit against the drum box.

Check this video, how he played the Cajon using brushes.

How to Play the Cajon with Sticks

You can even play your Cajon drum with the help of sticks. However, you need to be extremely careful while playing with the sticks as the wood from which the box is made is light in weight and delicate.

Check this video about playing Cajon with sticks.

So if you hit the box hard with your sticks it might result into denting of the face or sometimes even a crack, depending upon the intensity with which you hit. Make sure you are gentle when you decide to play the instrument with sticks.

There are so many different ways of playing the Cajon and this is the beauty of this instrument. You can choose your own style and express yourself and the talents you got! Just be comfortable in however you.

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