How to Take Care of Your Digital Piano: Maintaining Your Piano

Now that you bought your much-awaited piano, you must be wondering how to maintain your piano to make it see new forever. Well, fret not! It’s not at all that difficult. Just a few simple steps and you have a companion for almost a lifetime.

A digital piano does not need much maintenance like an acoustic piano. However, maintaining your instrument is an important responsibility as a musician.

Maintaining your Digital Piano

Every object that you own in your house needs maintenance. For the longevity of the item, you need to at least take proper care of it like you would, of your beloved. Here are a few tips on how to do that and keep your digital piano working fine for long.

  • Keep in mind where you place your digital piano. The location of your piano is very important. Do not just decide to get a piano, first sort out the place you would want to keep your piano in.
  • Do not place it near a window or a door as there are high chances of it getting either wet from the rain or covered by dust and affected by extreme sunlight. Also, getting knocked over is a big possibility as there involve frequent opening and closing of the door.
  • Clean it every now and then. However, DO NOT clean it with water alone.
  • To clean your digital piano, use a few drops of a gentle dishwashing soap and mix with some lukewarm water. Once the solution is made, get a soft white cotton cloth and dip it into the solution, just enough so that it is only dampened and not exactly wet and wipe the exterior of the piano carefully.
  • Once that is done, take a soft dry cloth and wipe it clean again to remove the excess moisture. Moisture can cause damage to the internal electrical components.
  • Be sure to keep the piano turned off while you are cleaning or not using it to prevent any accidental damage or from getting electrocuted.
  • Get a suitable cover for your piano so to keep it covered when not in use.
  • Keep food and drinks away from the piano. Do not substitute it for a table.
  • Use your piano with clean hands because the keys tend to get stained easily or get discolored. Even a small particle of debris if gets inside the keyboard could cause serious damage. You should clean your piano keys with caution.

These are a few basic tips to maintain your piano that we all know but hardly do we care to implement. But a little care could go a long way.

The above-mentioned tips for maintaining your piano applies on both stage piano and a digital piano.

Final Words

The better care you take of your piano, the longer it lasts and stays your companion. It’s your musical journey, it’s your responsibility to keep your instruments safe and sounding great.

Hope this simple article motivates you to care for your favorite digital piano keyboard.

If you have any questions, then let me know in the comment section.

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