Arturia Minibrute vs Microbrute: Similarities & Differences

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Arturia MicroBrute is an analog synthesizer that is equipped with numerous interesting features.

This robust product has firm switches and knobs that together produce an astounding variety of sonic potentials. This synthesizer provides a wide range of options for modulation and connectivity with other synth devices.

Another excellent synthesizer is the Arturia MiniBrute that has great sound and functionality and is available in affordable range.

This revolutionary device despite small in size has an aluminum chassis with beautiful black and grey coating to give it a professional look.

Arturia Minibrute vs Microbrute: In Brief

Both ArturiaMinibrute and Microbrute are 100% analog synthesizers. The ArturiaMinibrute is slightly expensive as compared to ArturiaMicrobrute. The Minibrute is expensive, but it also offers some really good features over Microbrute. In this article, you’ll find what are the differences and similarities in Minibrute and Microbrute, and who should buy them.  

The Summary (MiniBrute vs. MicroBrute)

Synthesizer or synth is an electrical musical instrument that uses various methods to generate audio signals such that the signals are later converted into sound. Controlled by a variety of devices, it is played by a musical keyboard.

Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute are revolutionary synthesizers to get wound up about.

Historically used only for progressive rock, pop, and disco, these Arturia MiniBrute, and MicroBrute synthesizers can be used in many other genres like pop, metal, rock, hip-hop, and dance.

Compositions can be written for these synthesizers. Both have their rich features that make it choicest blessing among its users.

It is advised to make a wise decision by comparing the two products regarding design, functionalities, controllers, creativity, and usability.

With good features, both of them are one of the top-rated synthesizers on the market.

minibrute or microbrute

The Arturia MiniBrute Video Review

This video explains the features of MiniBrute in an easy way.

The Arturia MicroBrute Video Review

This video review also shares great information about MicroBrute Synthesizer.

Comparison of Minibrute and Microbrute

microbrute vs minibrute


MicroBrute comes with innovative filters, a voltage-controlled oscillator, overtone generator, and mixing capabilities.

Moreover, the interface is designed with lots of knobs and switches that generate new sound alterations. In simple words, MicroBrute offers the largest oscillator sound around.

MicroBrute does not always lend itself to classic vintage sounds. It pushes itself in other directions too by generating its own flavor of lead sounds.

Although it is unable to create PWM sounds with vibrato, but users can overcome this by hooking it with some external devices.

On the other hand, MiniBrute can send and receive MIDI and control signals and voltages with voltage-controlled mechanisms.

Despite this, the selection of functional knobs and sliders in appropriate places can make it cram so many features without any uncomfortable or complex feeling.


Regarding functionalities, usually, customers are satisfied with the features of MicroBrute.

The prime reason for the same is it has a USB and MIDI input. This allows the users to play anything they want with stunning voice filters. MicroBrute is accompanied with 1/8 headphone output and 1/4” audio output.

On the other hand, MiniBrute is being loved for its sounds and controls. It includes excellent overlays that show how users can see different creator sounds while adjusting the knobs and sliders.

These knobs are firm for fine adjustments, and so, users love to operate every aspect that is producing music in it. It is also accompanied by ¼” Headphone and audio output.


Keyboards are already capable of recreating a wide range of instrumental sounds and synthesized tones. Both MicroBrute and MiniBrute are known to produce a complex sound synthesis.

The keys of MicroBrute inspires the user to play more and more new sounds and discover new subtleties every time they shall use it.

It has a very small velocity-responsive keyboard that has 25 keys in total. Knobs have the best setting and aim to generate a defined sound.

In contrast to this, MiniBrute is known to have controllers that are responsible for changing the tone. Since there are no menus given and the synth is controlled by sliders and knobs, there is no possibility for complications about the lists.


Instruments are known to form something new, and performers want to produce somehow valuable. In this phenomenon of creativity, more oscillators can allow better scope for performance.

MicroBrute has more than one oscillator that merges with various dissimilar waveforms.

The three waveforms; triangle, square, and saw waves, allow users to animate and modify the sound. Although it has a built-in sequencer to enable users to program and store sequences, it is an easy method to get essential songs and check sounds.

Happily, the MicroBrute retains the MiniBrute’s underlying structure. A closer look will display the difference.

MiniBrute provides its users with flexibility in creating a lot of different sounds. 3 different waveforms are provided by multi-wave oscillators which are supported with a noise creator and sub-octave creator.

‘Overtone’ is the sub-oscillator that has lost the MiniBrute’s simple saw or square and -1 or -2 octave option. Further enhancing with a modulation circuit that is similar to sync.


Regarding usability, the quality and size of keyboards are essential. MicroBrute is small, but users feel that it is robust and solid. It consists of rather firm knobs and positive switches as well as sliders.

Keyboard has a significant limitation. However, the enhanced capabilities, comfortable and deeper sound outcome makes it a preferred choice among the beginners.

Besides, MicroBrute also offers portamento. This is basically the fine-tuning of plus-or-minus two semitones and transposition of plus-or-minus two octaves. The total range is of six octaves.

Users generally feel that MiniBrute is although a versatile synthesizer but fails in parameters of quality and size of the keyboard.

The classy steel panel at the bottom although enhances the looks, but it is poorly designed in terms of the structure.


Beginning a physical comparison, MicroBrute is tiny. The space for knobs and switches has been reduced.

They were 51 before and have been reduced to 30 now. However, the space for sliders remains the same. This spongy miniature keyboard can replace the narrow yet playable MiniBrute keyboard. It is lighter in weight and easy to carry.

MiniBrute is tiny. It is very small. But, the mini-keys shall not hinder its use. It has an aluminum chassis. Since aluminum is considered a heavy metal, frequent travelers find it easy to carry as there are fewer chances of damage during travel.


The features of MicroBrute are:

  • Step sequencer works as a resource for new ideas. It provides a never-ending motivation to the user. Moreover, it is fully functional with eight memories and 64 steps per memory.
  • Wave-shapers allows the user to animate and modify sounds.
  • The overtone generator serves extra harmonics ranging from one octave down to the fifth.
  • Oscillator with three waveforms: triangle, square, and saw waves.
  • It has a very small velocity-responsive keyboard that has 25 keys in total.
  • Semi-modular suppleness is provided by modulation matrix.
  • Distinctive sound is provided by a quality multimode filter-Steiner Parker.
  • 1/8 headphone output and 1/4” audio output accompany it,
  • Facilities include pitch wheel and Mod wheel. The Octave selection facility shall range between -2 to +2. Along with it comes the exterior analog input facility.
  • It is accompanied by a signal enhancer waveshapers that give pulse, width ultrasaw, and metalizer.
  • Classy steel panel at the bottom enhances its overall looks.
  • It can work on DC 12V AA power supply. Moreover, the Mod Matrix produces the controlled voltage routing. The interface is very well designed.
microbrute review

The features of MiniBrute are:

  • It has a 100 percent analog path for signals, without digital menus and controllers.
  • 3 different waveforms are provided by multi-wave oscillators which are supported with a noise creator and sub-octave creator.
  • 25 mini-key keybed which is equipped with swiftness and inflection wheels.
  • It is built with aluminum that is considered a heavy duty material. This makes it easy for traveling purposes.
  • There is sufficient amount of knobs, Ultrasaw, metallizer, pitch, and filter.
  • There is modulation along with the pulse width.
  • The facilities include ¼” Headphone and audio output, controlled voltage-Gate source selection facility. There is also a speed selection facility that is provided by 2 ADSR.
  • There are six waveforms by LFO1, namely: triangle, random sine, square, random square, and sawtooth.
  • It runs on the power supply of 12V DC.
Minibrute review

Who Should Buy Arturia Minibrute Synthesizer?

MiniBrute is developed to have a unique design including a highly advanced Arpeggiator with different selectors for steps, modes swing, and octave. Other audios can be mixed in its sound through the external analog input.

It is because of this reason; users find Arturia MiniBrute a versatile choice.

Further, it is a perfect combo of MIDI functions. Its enhanced capabilities work well to provide a comfortable and deeper sound outcome.

Without any menus, there is total synth and users can create lots of different sounds. Thus, giving the performers the perfect quality they shall require.

Moreover, performers who wish to travel frequently can choose to buy it as it is made up of heavy-duty metal that is best suitable for traveling.

Who Should Buy Arturia Microbrute Synthesizer?

Arturia MicroBrute Synthesizer is a perfect option for all the learners and beginners in this field.

It is available at the best price that suits the pockets of many. New users feel that despite having one oscillator, it provides the best overall performance.

While it gives an easy method to set basic songs and check sounds, it is also equipped with facilities to play new sounds and discover new subtleties.

Therefore, this is a perfect choice for new performers. When they shall play the synth for the first time, they shall hear an amazing and gentle sound.

The stunning looks with classy steel panel shall attract performers to swift their fingers on to it.

Last Words

Internally, the MicroBrute shares the same VCO to VCF to VCA signal path as MiniBrute’s.

However, it has fewer contour generators and modulators. Closer inspection regarding the features and facilities has revealed that numerous differences have been mentioned earlier also. Despite this, MicroBrute is the progeny of MiniBrute.

A significant difference can be traced in the front of the controls, where a spongy miniature keyboard appears to generate neither after touch nor velocity.

While for many this may be irrelevant, but for those who plan to sequence MicroBrute, use it as an effects generator. In the process, mini-keys won’t hinder.

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