Yamaha DGX-530 Digital Piano Review: Should You Buy This?

The pianos come in different styles, designs, shapes and sizes, the number of different sounds, weight, brand and last but not the least portability.

There are mainly two types of Piano, such the vertical ones and horizontal ones. While dealing with different types of pianos and looking for the right one for yourself, you have to consider different factors. The above factors play a vital role while choosing the right one.

And truly in many cases, the low price is not really a negative connotation. There are various pianos that satisfy all the necessary factors, along with economic price tag. And the Yamaha DGX-530 comes in this category of the digital piano.

If you are looking for natural response and a realistic piano with a wide variety of sounds, then Yamaha DGX-530 is the best option for you. It has also some of the advanced functions along with 500 AWM voices and 160 styles.

Yamaha DGX-530 Short Review

The Yamaha DGX-530 digital piano came into existence in the year 2008. It is one of the oldest models in the category of the digital piano, still holds some of greater significance. So it’s up to the buyer whether he considers it or not.

But in the true sense, the Yamaha DGX-530 is a piece of wonderful musical equipment, which has all the capabilities that are needed in a digital piano.

The attractive silver finish wide a wide-open interface set in between two built-in stereos along with a two-way speaker with bass ports makes it one of the best piano for sure.

Apart from that a good-sized LCD monochrome display set in the middle of the piano just accomplishes the machine. The wide-open interface houses a label of the onboard tones and rhythms and various other functions. It also furnishes a standard keyboard stand and a usual size along with 88 keys.

With a weight of 37lbs, this machine is 53 inches long and 20 inches deep. It remains 30 inches off the ground. Let’s get a detailed review of Yahama DGX-530 so that you can have a clear idea on this digital piano.

First of all, we will have a clear idea of the features of Yamaha DGX-530 digital piano so that you can know the reason for its popularity.

Detailed Review Yamaha DGX 530 Digital Piano


Yamaha DGX-530 is bit heavy but still quite portable. You can take it anywhere with you. And this digital piano is the best option for smaller spaces. It goes well with your practice session or on the performance stage as well due to its portability and easy-to-handle feature.

You can move this piano without the stand to minimize the weight. This machine comes with a matching stand, a sustain pedal and a backlit LCD display for the convenience of the user along with a weight of 37lbs.


The 88 Graded Soft Touch keys are comparatively lighter, but as per the price, this is quite sensible. The lower keys have more resistance as compared to the higher keys and come with a good touch feature.

With these keys, you can play bass notes with your left hand and chords with your right hand. The keys are natural and quite different from the higher models. With regular practice, you can be comfortable with the keys of this digital piano.

The action of these keys is quite good for beginners. It holds the soft touch feature which is quite easy for the novices. The lower keys are bit heavy in touch while the higher keys are much lighter.


The sound through this digital piano keyboard speaker is quite good. It furnishes 127-panel voices, 12 drum/SFX kits, and 361 XGlite voices. There is also a dual and split mode by which you can mix different voices. The DGX-530 comes with more than 400 different voices.

And the sounds are quite great and comes with lots of options. It is capable of capturing all the richness of a grand piano. With its speakers, it offers plenty of volumes.

Yamaha DGX-530 acclaims sweet and cool sound. The vocal delivery in this digital piano is quite natural and dynamic. If you like to listen to the real voices of a Sax or Trumpet then use the Pitch Bend Wheel.


This portable piano comes with USB connectivity. There are two USB ports such as USB to Host and USB to device ports on the back of the piano. The USB to Host is used for recording and play  MIDI files and transfer data to and from your computer.

Whereas with the USB to device port you can have an option of connecting peripheral USB storage devices like hard drives and flash drives.  You can transfer songs from the internet as well to the keyboard. With the connectivity option, it is quite easier to transfer and save files quite easily.

The USB to Host feature allows you to connect your computer quite easily and USB to Device allows you to store your files and songs effortlessly and load the files from external devices.


This digital piano is quite easy to use and great for beginners. The keyboard is quite robust and quite good when considers the price tag. On the other hand, as per price, this digital piano remains on the low side, but in terms of features, it stands firm.

It houses easy to use tools for composing and recording. And with this piano, you can save the details of 16 different users.

With its one-touch setting option, you can compose different voices quite easily. The expandable music database allows you to call up a title and start playing on the go.

Additional Features

This digital piano comes with a reliable keyboard and furnishes Easy Song Arranger, in which you can be able to remix any MIDI file with any other kind of style. The Performance Assistant Technology makes sure that all the notes and chords you play with the piano suit the song being played.

Yamaha DGX-530 also features a 32 note maximum polyphony and five types of Master EQ setting is there to optimize your sound with the digital effects. There is a backlit LCD screen which displays full scores with automatic scrolling of notation and lyrics.

The ‘YES’ known as Yamaha Education Suite offers some excellent encouraging tools by which you can learn playing piano quite easily. The Pitch Bend Wheel helps in adding smooth pitch variations to playing notes. This digital piano houses 2-way stereo speaker system and a built-in metronome. With the pack, it houses a matching stand, power adapter and sustains pedal.

Playing piano with Yamaha DGX-530 is quite fast and easy because of the Portable Grand Function. The dedicated buttons of the piano nurture a stunningly rich and exceptionally responsive sound. Playing piano with this is surely a wonderful experience.

The One Touch Setting (OTS) provides you with a recommended voice with effect for each style.

Pros and Cons Of Yamaha DGX-530 Digital Piano


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Value-for-money
  • USB connectivity
  • 6 track recorder
  • Excellent features
  • Low-priced


  • All sounds are not great
  • Not fully weighted keys

Who should buy Yamaha DGX-530 Piano?

If you are a beginner, just started to learn the piano, then Yamaha DGX-530 is the best option for you. The eye-catching features along with the affordable price tag make it one of the best models for the learners.

This entry-level digital piano for those intermediate students as well. It will grow with them during their teenage years. Anyone who is at the entry level should go for this reliable and excellent digital piano and become happy with this performance leaving few shortcomings.

It will be a reliable and durable digital piano for the starters. Before experiencing the higher models they can become familiar with this low-priced piano and learn to play music fluently.

Who should not buy Yamaha DGX-530 Piano?

As we said this is for the beginners and for the intermediate learners, so if you are a professional musician and want to explore more of your creativity by playing and composing the music, then Yahama DGX-530 is not sure for you.

If you are expecting a grand piano, acoustic sound quality then this model is not for you. You have to watch out for the advanced ones. So choose accordingly that suits your requirement.

Final Verdict

Yamaha DGX-530 is a great digital piano with its superlative features and countless settings and modes. It is also portable, so you can take this for your learning classes.

It is also powerful and won’t let you lose your wallet heavily to learn the music and composing your creativity. This is a budgeted digital piano and comes with useful software by which you can learn and the teaching mode allows you to play each note with ease.

Here you will find a lot of options to learn with its keyboard from the manual using all the buttons and functions. You can also connect your laptop and extends the capabilities more and more.

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