Yamaha P71 88 Key Digital Piano Review | A Genuine Review

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Released in 2016, Yamaha P71 is known for its high quality and is widely used as one of the entry level pianos by the users.

Compact, portable and straightforward layout of the keyboard attracts not only the beginner musicians but the experts too, as the device is quite easy to travel with.

Yamaha P71 is available in two colors, i.e. black and white for you to choose the one you like to have.

The playback and record features allow the users to record the concerts, sessions, etc. and play them back while practicing.

Quick Review of Yamaha P71 Piano

The Yamaha P71 comes with many features that can interest a beginner to start playing or initiate his or her dream of being a musician from here itself.

The quality of music produced and the kind of features offered by Yamaha is unique and allows the user to experiment through.

The piano is best to carry around and kept at the table to be used when desired. For beginners, it is an ideal choice and allows them to learn it through basic videos. Keys can look difficult in the starting but once you discover you have a grip on them.

The Yamaha P71 is a complete package that can make sure that you experience a great start in the music industry.

This unboxing video of Yamaha P71 can be a lot helpful to you

Features of Yamaha P71 88 Key Piano


Weighing just 25 pounds, the Piano is quite comfortable to be moved from one place to another. Comprising of 88 fully weighted keys, the Yamaha P71 allows the beginners as well as experts to practice more playing styles for you.

The piano is best placed on a solid table and can be stored and traveled with while going from one place to another.

If you love to play in nature’s lap or loves to trek than the Yamaha P71, is your thing as carrying and traveling the instrument is an experience and will allow your family to enjoy the music wherever they go.


Yamaha P71 88 Key Piano

The 88 weighted keys are said to be having Graded HammerStandard Action which means that keys are heavy and offers excellent resistance to the fingers while playing the instrument.

These features of using keys help the beginners to start playing through the device, as the same can be challenging in the starting, but to master the best piano techniques this is the best way, to begin with.

As playing through fully weighted keys will help you in developing strength around your fingers and makes sure that you can learn to play more expressively.

The specialized keys of Yamaha P71 make it an acoustic piano and provide the users a quality playing experience. The keys attached to the keyboard comes with the matty finishing to protect your fingers from slipping around while playing the piano.


The sound system offered by Yamaha P71 is incomparable with any and allows you to amalgamate ten different sounds to experiment with the innovativeness of the music you have.

The piano comes with AWM or Advanced Wave Memory sampling which uses digital technology for sampling the sounds of ay acoustic piano.

The AWM stereo creates the spacious, more profound and more vibrant sounds using various pairs of waveforms (R and L) captured with two microphones.

The Yamaha P71 can play one sample every key at multiple degrees of timbre and volumes.

The decent sound of the piano allows the advanced as well as beginners to start playing the piano the time they have in front of them.


 The Yamaha P71 is said to be having a USB port, a sustain jack and two jacks for headphones. The USB port is fund to be quite useful as you can connect the same to your PC and can transfer your recording to the system.

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Yamaha P71 Piano Connectivity

Also, the USB port also makes the working through any music software quite easier. The keyboard allows you to keep up two records with themat most and to feel the real music generated by the headphones that can beattached to the piano.

Also, the USB port also makes the working through any music software quite easier. The keyboard allows you to keep up two records with them at most and to feel the real music generated by the headphones that can be attached to the piano.

Working with earphones allows you to make sure that you can learn and practice alone without disturbing others during day or night.


The straight forward piano controls allow even the first-timers to play without any hassle and effortlessly due to its best usability.

Due to well synchronization of capacity controls with the primary volumes, the piano can be used to play prominently among fledglings.

The product is comprised of a sheet holder, a power connector and a pedal. With the package, the musician can start on an immediate basis with more propelled and unpredictable fragments of music.

The extensions attached with the piano allows you to connect with the PC, laptop, headphones, etc. to make work easier and sorted for power connector to look forward and practice through piano in advanced levels as well.

Additional Features

Dual mode

The Yamaha P71, allows you to play two different ways at a time. Like if you select piano and strings as two different instruments, then the device can allow one half to be played as piano while another half can play strings.

Easy to Use and Assemble

The outline of the piano is of 12 inches and is thin which makes it easy to transfer from one place to another. Its unassuming impressions allow the user to fit the instrument at home or the studio, where the piano is to be used.

One Button with Many Applications

The Yamaha P71, allows you to change many settings with the help of a single button. The users need to hold the “Grand function or Piano” button and can press selected keys to play demo sources, change voices, configure metronome, etc.

This button gives the users the independence to innovate among sounds and create the one that represents them best.

Pros of Yamaha P71 88 Key Piano

  • Playability encounter and the practical sound is offered by the Piano which is one of the unique features provided by any music device.
  • The body of the piano is beautiful, compact and lightweight which makes it easy to be carried to exhibitions and training.
  • The fully weighted keys motivate and empower the learners for enhancing the skills of beginners and creating of the sense of interest with proper playing methods.
  • The double-mode integrated with the system allows users to play through different styles and sounds and the users can encash the opportunity of producing high-quality music.
  • Quite affordable as compared to other pianos in the same league
  • The intuitive and simple controls make it best to be used by anyone.

Cons of Yamaha P71 88 Key Piano

  • The piano doesn’t come with an LED screen or display unit which restricts the user to have a look at voice and impact to be displayed while using the instrument.
  • The big keys used in a piano doesn’t look realistic and can make the user quite uncomfortable while playing the music too.
  • Who Should Buy Yamaha P71 88 Key Piano?

Who Should Buy Yamaha P71 88 Key Piano?

The Yamaha P71 piano is made for the people who startedlearning the music and are beginners. As the keyboard is equipped with all theessential features for the beginners and the sound system offered by the Yamaha brand is also entirely different and based on high-quality music.

For beginners, Yamaha has given many options to boost their creativity and innovativeness to bring something on the table.

School students can buy the Piano for their practice music sessions and can carry them to different locations easily as the piano comes in a compact size. The Yamaha P71 piano will help them real exposure of being a musician once they grew up and try their hands on professional equipment.

Who Should Avoid Yamaha P71 88 Key Piano?

If you are a professional and looking forward to adding another masterpiece to your band than Yamaha P71 cannot be an ideal choice because it lacks in many features whether it is unique instrumental sounds or polyphony power.

The Yamaha P71 lacks in the professional features that a perfectionist desires like the pressing of keys also makes an irritable noise at times which can be avoided by a beginner, but a professional mind it.

The piano is best played when kept on the table and doesn’t come with any stand. So, if you have your hands on a keyboard used with stand than you need to buy it separately as the company doesn’t offer with the piano.

The Final Verdict

Like every product, Yamaha P71 also has a great interface and allows the users to experiment, play, mimic and record the best music created by them.

It may not fall in the category of electronic piano less than $300, but it is a good product and you should consider it, even if it is slightly out of your budget. 

As per every other piano, they do have their pros and cons,but in all the ways the cons can be avoided as the piano is ways as the YamahaP71 is quite affordable to place your order today.

For beginners, the piano is a boon as buying it out doesn’t cause any dent on parents pocket and have decent features attached as desired by the user. Apart from Yamaha stores, you can buy them online as well.

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