Yamaha P71 vs P45: A Detailed Comparison of P45 vs P71

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The digital piano is desired by most of the musicians. As due to the plethora of features attached, they are quite feasible to use and have the liberty to carry around too.

Yamaha is one of the companies that have launched many models for a digital piano for the newbies and experts to take their experience to another level.

In this article, we are comparing two models of digital piano known as P71 and P45 for the people who are looking forward to experience music.  Below we will discuss in detail about both the models of digital pianos.

Yamaha P71 vs P45

Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45 are both beginner friendly digital pianos. They do not have any functional difference and they are also identical in appearance. Actually, the company produced two digital pianos with different names so these pianos can be sold via different retailers.

Yamaha P71 vs. P45

The Yamaha P71 and P45, both the digital pianos are one of the best in the music field. On summarising their features, these digital pianos are the same for their sound styles and usage, and they allow the new users to experience and create music as they desired for.

The digital pianos are for entry-level users and have excellent features to be tuned as per their usability. They can be bought online as per the bundle that the user chooses to opt for. The Yamaha digital pianos are convenient and portable to use and offer amazing and innovative sound styles for the users. They are the perfect option for music seekers to look forward

Comparison of Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45

P71 or P45 Yamaha

The Yamaha P45 is for the people who are beginners and are looking forward to trying their hands on the real piano while P71 is one of the digital pianos is comprised of 88 weighted action keys and have fantastic sound styles and effects.


Both the digital pianos the Yamaha P45 and P71 measures 58.2 inches x 16.1 inches x 11.7 inches. The body of the piano’s are light and weighs about 25 pounds and is slim and compact in design. If you are looking forward to carrying them to a gig, stage or the learning institutes, then both the models can be considered as excellent options.

Portability can be enhanced for the models by choosing the right stand for the purpose. Most of the musicians prefer adjustable and folding positions. The Yamaha P71 can be carried with the deluxe version and is available in the white and black text, while Yamaha P45 is available in a home bundle in an all-black version.


Having a look at the pianos will allow you to start with the front panel in Yamaha P71 and P45 to have a handful of control and keys. The power button placed is protected with the accidental pressing system so that while playing the piano the user can prevent turning off of the keyboard. There are also the function and volume controls to be operated.

The function button can be used as a shortcut for your digital piano and to have the access of the respective feature you can press any keyboard key with the function button.

The black keyboard keys have a matte finish so that they are not slippery like other plastic keys. The keys make the user feel precise, reliable and nice. The user will be less bothered because of his sweaty hands and can play the instrument for a more extended period.


The Yamaha P71 and P45 are one of them that have a similar sound system. For practicing at home, the speakers attached to the piano works best, but if you want to perform on any stage, then you do require external speakers to be plugged in.

Both of these digital pianos are found to be using Advanced Wave Memory or AVM sound engine. The AVM technology is quite famous for its deep, spacious and rich sound systems.

Yamaha P-71

As the same involves the recorded L-R pairs form of waveforms for using two of the microphones for capturing the acoustic piano sound at its best quality. However, both of these piano’s is said to be having natural and realistic sound.


Both of them are similar when we talk about connectivity there are many connection ports available with the digital pianos.

While taking a look at the rear panel of the digital piano the user can find the connection ports available. As both of them are entry-level pianos and this is the reason why they are available with basic connectivity features itself.

Each of them has one sustain pedal jack attached with a single stereo audio output so that you can connect with any external speaker systems.

One of the features that are quite useful for the beginners is that both of them are equipped with USB-to-host ports to connect iPod, iPad, and iPhone with the help of the adapter. The digital pianos also support much mobile application that are readily available on play store.


The controls of the keyboard are set up in order of plug-in-play in both the pianos. Once you have received your Yamaha digital piano, you are ready to start your musical journey. The best part of Yamaha P71 and P45 piano is the response and action through their weighted action keyboard. The user feels that they have more control over the keyboard which does not tire your fingers now

The keyboards are entirely feasible to use regarding switching between the voices of the keyboard and the user interface. Through their functionality you can record your voice, can play two instrument voices together for creating inspiring sound and experience.

Additional Features

Dual Mode: For combining two or more tracks the feature is present in both the piano’s and is best known for creating some of the fantastic tracks produced by the keyboard.

Yamaha P-45

Design: The convenient and straightforward designing is the best proposition of Yamaha company as they seem to be designing the keyboards for minimalist from many years. The function keys, power button and keyboard keys placed in both the keyboards in a similar manner and to provide comfort to the user.

GHS weighted action: This digital piano supports 88 keys with Yamaha Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action. The technology used for designing the keyboard is said to be giving an authentic touch and can mimic closely respective hammers for the acoustic piano. The weighted action is found to be heavier on the lower end, but at, the higher end they are quite light.

Duo mode:  The duo mode allows two users to play the keyboard simultaneously. Using the octave ranges one of the partners can play through left while the other one through right. This mode is quite standard for learning and teaching and said to display reverb effects too.

Who Should Buy Yamaha P71 Digital Piano?

The entry-level piano P71 is available exclusively on Amazon. The cost-effective feature with loads of uniqueness makes it a beginners piano that your child should have in his room. The piano is perfect for the people who are looking forward to trying their luck in music or who wants to experience the music at a nascent stage.

Newbies or the experts who are looking for a cheaper and lightweight digital piano option can have a look at the Amazon gallery to know about the accessories that are offered with the piano to the users. The Yamaha P71, the 88-weighted keyboard can give a real feel of the piano to experience for playing your favorite music.

Who Should Buy Yamaha P45 Digital Piano?

The Yamaha P45 is one of the digital pianos that is accessible from music retailers as well as online. The users who are looking forward to starting learning music or for a portable music system to be used for stage shows or to be carried while traveling to different destinations. The impressive sound quality allows users to play and learn music at their best. The midi USB and Duo mode will enable them to innovate and transfer the audio to different devices.

Yamaha P45 or P71

The Yamaha P45 is best for the people who are beginners and is available offline as well as on Amazon. People who do not have any accessibility to Amazon can opt for this fantastic keyboard. Another advantage with buying out Yamaha P45 is that owner tends to receive some extra like a chair and stand similar to Yamaha P71 coupled with headphones.

The Final Words

Both of the digital pianos are best and similar in operation and features too. The user can opt anyone seems accessible to them. If seen according to the fraction of money then P71 offers a better deal and you can choose according to the accessories available with the bundle too.

The Amazon exclusive digital piano can be the best birthday gift to your child or yourself for initiating the music flavor in your life.

Also, the user can check out prices for P45 at any nearby store to know the kind of deal the company and store are offering. It will help in comparing both the digital pianos. Both the keyboards are similar; the difference lies in the accessibility, price and the bundle offered with then.

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